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Dear Soul,

Welcome to Doriverzum 💫

If I would need to describe the style of Yoga I teach:

It is Yoga that works on all levels of the existence: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the psychic and the spiritual.

For me Yoga not only means practising the

Asanas (body postures), but it means raising consciousness. Its purpose is to elevate the human being from ordinary limited mind-awareness to soul-awareness. It is a way of life, how to become heart-centered. 

Yoga is an art of movement combined with the magic of breath and my job is to guide you through this experience in order to transform your practice into a moving meditation. My Yoga will teach you to let go of the things does not serve you, to care for yourself, to accept yourself, to honour yourself, to love yourself, to push your boundaries and it will also teach you appreciation, respect, motivation, discipline.


Other things close to my heart are:

my drum, nature, reiki, pranayama, mantra meditations, tarot card reading, sound and energy healing. I held space for fire rituals, women's circles and cacao ceremonies. 


What's important for me is to create a safe space for everyone and to help them evolve on their spiritual journey. 


My life path guides me to spread love, light, positivity, to help others discover their own healing powers and to make planet Earth a better place.


I am blessed to receive guidance from higher intelligence through intuitive channelling and you are blessed to receive the same, if you allow it to happen. 


Every time we meet, I'll welcome you with a big smile and open heart.


My qualifications: 

• Hatha & Ashtanga vinyasa yoga (200hrs) - India

• Mysore Ashtanga (100hrs) - Thailand 

• Yin yoga (100hrs) - Hungary

• Reiki master

• Breathwork facilitator

• Cacao ceremonialist

• Women's circle facilitator 



Dora Yoga
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